How Tall Do Zinnias Grow? (Popular Varieties Compared)

zinnias in garden

Zinnias are a fantastic flower to include in any garden, and they grow to different heights, so you’ll be able to find the right variety to suit any spot in your yard. There are dozens of zinnias from short, dwarf varieties covered in small blooms to “giant” zinnia shrubs.

Know how tall zinnias grow to help you decide which varieties to grow and where to place them in your garden.

Zinnias grow between 6 and 50 inches tall. Dwarf varieties that are best for containers and garden borders top out around one foot tall, whereas tall varieties for cut flowers and focal features in the garden reach up to four feet tall.

The zinnia variety you choose to grow will be the best way to know how tall your zinnias will grow. But even then, the growing conditions will influence plant height as well.

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How tall do zinnia flowers get?

The height range for zinnias is around one to four feet tall. Dwarf varieties will top out at one foot tall, while the tallest plants may reach four feet tall. There are plenty of varieties between these two extremes, which mature to 2-3 feet high. Choose a variety that will fit your requirements depending on the space available in your garden and how you want to use the blooms.

Series/VarietyGrowth habitHeight (inches)
Benary’s Giant seriesTall40-50
Queen seriesTall30-40
Oklahoma seriesTall30-40
Zinderella seriesMedium24-36
Art Deco MixMedium24-30
Sunbow MixMedium24-30
Profusion series Dwarf12-18
Magellan seriesDwarf14
Preciosa seriesDwarf10-12

Zinnia height depends on the variety and its growth habit

A zinnia series refers to a group of varieties with similar looks and growth habits. For example, the Queen series has Blush, Red, Orange, Lime, and Blotch varieties, each with a different color but the same growing requirements, mature height, and days to maturity.

Individual varieties may have similar appearances and sizes, even if they aren’t part of a series. For example, Art Deco zinnias produce large lavender, purple, and pink blooms. Sunbow Mix zinnias come in classic red, pink, white, yellow, and orange colors. Both varieties grow 2-3 feet tall but are not part of a shared series.

Dwarf zinnias have been bred to remain short. Even if grown in optimal conditions, they’ll never be the tallest plants in the garden. Dwarf varieties are excellent choices for smaller gardens or growing in pots and containers.

Shorter zinnias are also perfect for growing in the landscape or as a companion plant in the vegetable garden. But, since the plants don’t grow very tall, they are unsuitable for cutting. Use dwarf zinnias to create large swaths of flowers that attract bees and butterflies and make a beautiful flower garden.

white marigold and red zinnia
Dwarf Persian Carpet zinnias are planted with marigolds as companions for the tomato plant in the background. They stay short enough that they don’t interfere with other plants.

Taller zinnias varieties such as Benary’s Giant and the Queen series grow to about four feet tall and are ideal for cut flower bouquets. These varieties produce long, strong stems that last about a week in the vase. They’re also two of the most commonly grown varieties by flower farmers and used by florists and floral designers.

To create your own floral arrangements from your garden, include some zinnia varieties that will grow to at least three feet tall.

Recommended varieties for dwarf, medium, and tall zinnia varieties

No matter what you want to do with your zinnias, you’ll find a variety that’s perfect for the job. Making bouquets, attracting pollinators, or just looking good in the garden, zinnias do it all.

Tall zinnias for cutting:

pink and red cactus zinnia flowers
These cactus zinnias have a nice, tall stem for cutting and arranging.

Queen Series: One of the most popular zinnia series, Queen Lime varieties come in antique shades by the names of Lime, Red, Orange, Blush, and Blotch. These varieties grow about 3-4 feet tall, so plant them at the back of your flower bed, so they don’t crowd out other plants.

Benary’s Giant Series: Another florist favorite, the “giant” part of the name is accurate; this variety routinely grows up to four feet tall and produces large blooms that are up to six inches across. These flowers make an impact in the garden and in the vase!

State Fair Mix: At 3-4 feet tall, this mix produces large blooms in shades of pink, rose, lavender, white, and more. The flowers are more open than other varieties, with the center visible in each bloom. These tall zinnias make excellent cut flowers and are a favorite of garden pollinators.

Medium zinnias for flower beds:

pink zinnia flower in the garden
I don’t honestly remember which zinnia variety this is, but it’s the perfect size to support larger blooms in the vase.

Lilliput Mix: A medium height variety that tops out at two feet tall, Lilliput produces versatile flowers that are equally good for cut flowers or landscape flowers to be enjoyed in the garden. Shades of red,pink, and yellow make this variety pop against the green foliage.

Zinderella Series: This variety has what are called scabiosa-type blooms, which look a bit like upsidedown muffins. The center flower is surrounded by a row of petals, giving the flower a crested look. This variety grows 2-3 feet tall and can be used for cut flowers as well as landscape or companion plants.

Dwarf zinnias for borders or containers:

orange Persian carpet zinnia flowers in blue pot
Persian Carpet is a great variety for containers since it stays short.

Thumbelina: This was one of the first dwarf varieties I tried, and I enjoyed the clusters of classically-colored blooms in orange, red, yellow, and white. Try these in containers and the borders of your flower beds for blooms all summer.

Button Box Mix: Shades of creamy pink, purple, yellow, and red light up the border and containers with these dwarf plants. Reaching only up to 10 inches tall, this variety is perfect for small space gardens and pots.

Now that you have your zinnias picked out by the height you’re looking for, find out the proper spacing for them in this article, Zinnia Spacing For Healthy Plants And Abundant Blooms.

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