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Your path to simplified gardening starts here.

Introducing the Guided Garden Box, designed especially for passionate gardeners like you who are juggling a busy life full of work, kids, and the love of gardening.

With the Guided Garden Box, you’ll receive carefully selected seasonal seeds for direct sowing or starting indoors, monthly checklists, tutorials that fit into your busy schedule, and all the essential tools and guidance to ensure your garden thrives.

No more struggling to remember when to plant your seeds or feeling overwhelmed.

Say hello to a flourishing garden that’s not only beautiful but also a place where you can bond with your family, grow fresh food and flowers, and witness nature’s magic up close.

I know your time is precious, so let me take the guesswork out of gardening for you. Join me on this journey and watch your garden, and your family’s connection to it, flourish like never before.

Currently only available in the U.S.

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Get ready to grow!

The Guided Garden Box is the answer to some of your biggest gardening questions and overwhelm:

  • How do I start these seeds at home?
  • Is it too late to plant?
  • What can I grow together?
  • How will I find time with my crazy-busy home life schedule?!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll be fully supported in your gardening journey with video tutorials, live Zoom calls, and all the planning resources you need to grow food and flowers the whole year round.

The garden is a place to find joy, space, and food. Let me help you build it.

flat of seed trays with an enamel cup holding seed packets
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When you join the Guided Garden Box, you’ll get everything you need to grow:

  • 4-6 seasonal seed packets for direct sowing or starting indoors
  • Coco coir growing medium and seed trays to start seeds indoors
  • Video tutorials on how to start every seed in your box
  • A printed card with instructions and tips for the month
  • Spring and summer options include flowers, veg, and herbs
  • Winter-friendly options include microgreens, herbs, and indoor bulb kits
  • Monthly Zoom calls to chat about plants and ask questions
  • Weekly Instagram lives to get timely check-ins

Got this as a gift for a coworker. It was perfect and felt so customized. She loved the gift! Seller was also so friendly!


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Hi, I’m Jessica!

Your gardening companion and enthusiast. With 20+ years of experience and a heart full of passion for gardening, I’m here to guide you from seed to table. 

My mission is to simplify gardening, making it accessible and enjoyable for busy lives like yours.

Join me on this growing adventure, and let’s create thriving gardens, steward the earth, and teach the next generation where food comes from. 

Together, we’ll cultivate joy and abundance. Join the waitlist today, and let’s grow something wonderful!