Organic Gardening

For Beginners

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New to gardening?

Learn how to plan and grow your own productive garden

Welcome to the show!

Ready for a podcast that will answer all your questions?

How do I start a garden?

How and when should I start seeds?

Which vegetables and flowers should I plant?

What is involved in organic gardening?

How do I get the most out of my garden space?

Then you’re in the right spot!

Whether you’re struggling with a lack of time, don’t know what to grow, or are simply overwhelmed with where to start, I’ll show you how to create a successful garden that fits your lifestyle, budget, and creativity.

With a focus on easy, practical tips that you can put into action, this podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own food and flowers.

This is your year to get started. So let’s dig in!

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