Episode 050: Super Simple Soil: Seed Starting Mix, Filling Raised Beds, and Giving In-Ground Gardens A Boost

Soil, fertilizers, compost, and more can all be so confusing when getting your garden started. This episode breaks it down in a very simplified manner that will help you know the next step you need to take to get your garden ready for the season.

I mention a ton of resources, including:
My seed starting recipe:
4 parts coco coir (or peat moss)
1 part compost, worm castings, or a mix
.5 part vermiculite (sometimes more depending on the weather. In warmer weather, I add more because it holds moisture)
.5 part perlite
Sprinkle of azomite according to package application instructions

Mix everything well and moisten before sowing seeds in the mix

JADAM with Huw Richards YouTube video
In-Bed Worm Composting with Angela from Growing In The Garden
Soil Amending Simplified by Jesse Frost of No-Till Growers, an awesome soil scientist and farmer

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