Episode 046: Four Seasons, One Garden: Maximizing Your Harvest with Spring Planning

Spring is such a busy time of year that even knowing where to start can seem overwhelming. This episode breaks down how to avoid that overwhelm and instead learn how to take full advantage of your space and season, starting this spring.

Use methods like succession planting, relay planting, transitioning beds, and overwintering to always have something growing in the garden, whether it's cold-hardy spring veggies or heat-loving summer flowers.

Companion planting will help you squeeze in even more crops by sharing space, such as growing tomatoes up the pea trellis as summer rolls in, or planting lettuce in the spot you just pulled a carrot out of.

To help you out with your planning and layouts, I created a set of Garden Layout Templates that can help you get a birds-eye view of your space and growing season.

With templates for single beds, multiple beds, and container or border gardens, you'll find a cheat sheet that works for your space.

Combine your Layout Templates with the free Garden Planning Toolkit and you have what you need for a full garden year. 

Grab your Garden Layout Templates and follow along with this episode to get a clear plan for your season!

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