Episode 040: Holistic Garden Planning: Not Your Usual Tips To Plan Your Garden

Unlock the secrets to a thriving organic garden with my deep dive into planning and preparation strategies that go beyond the norm. 

1. Establish Your Garden Priorities:
   – Discover the art of maximizing your gardening season, making the most of limited space, and creating a tranquil haven where productivity takes a back seat to the simple joys of gardening.

2. Companion Planting and Mulch:
   – I'm back to talking about the magic of companion planting! Mulching is another essential gardening practice. Learn why these two methods are the secret sauce for my garden, inspired by the natural diversity found in ecosystems.

3. Be Flexible and Open-Minded:
   – Understand the importance of flexibility in gardening. From unexpected frost to curious kids and rainy springs, I discuss how to adapt and pivot when challenges throw your plans off track.

4. Mastering Seed Starting:
   – Delve into the world of seed starting and unlock a realm of possibilities. Learn how starting your seeds can deepen your understanding of your garden, introduce you to new varieties, and extend your growing season.

5. Use What You Grow:
   – Beyond just growing, discover the joy of using what you grow. From cooking and canning to crafting medicinals and creating stunning bouquets, find ways to make your garden an integral part of your daily life.

Check out the show notes for a curated checklist and calendar to help you implement these strategies in your garden. Don't miss this episode if you're ready to take your gardening to the next level!

Don't forget to download your Garden Planning Toolkit and start marking down your sowing dates: Garden Planning Toolkit

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