Episode 036: Small Space Gardening: 5 Tips To Maximize Your Compact Garden

Whether you live in a city apartment with only a small balcony or have a tiny backyard, there's no reason why you can't start an organic garden. In the latest episode of Organic Gardening for Beginners, I share some new strategies, experiences, and practical tips for maximizing you garden in small spaces.

Small Space Organic Gardening

Small spaces can easily limit our garden dreams, but it doesn't have to be this way. 

One of my main tips in this episode is going vertical when you're short on space. This approach maximizes space by utilizing trellises, arbors, hanging baskets, and stackable towers. Even unconventional or upcycled materials like rain gutters can be used to create a vertical garden or container space. 

Another key tip for maximizing a small gardening space is the concept of companion planting. This technique allows you to get more from your garden by planting crops that benefit each other. 

For example, you can plant tomatoes with basil, which is said to enhance the flavor of the tomatoes and will fill out your pots completely as the plants share space.

Upcycle and Use Unusual Containers

I've used shoe organizers, old wheelbarrow basins, and I even have rain gutters on my list as potential containers in a small space garden. You don't have to stick to pots and planters to find room for your plants!

Stick to Dwarf and Compact Varieties
You can avoid sprawling plants by growing compact or dwarf varieties of flowers and veggies like cucumber, nasturtium, sweet peas, zucchini, and even tomatoes. Compact varieties will free up a little more space for your plants and give you room to try new things. 

Tune in to this latest podcast episode and get all the deets and demos for your own small-space garden. 

Happy gardening!

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