Episode 034: What To Do In Your December Garden (Or Lack Thereof)

What is there to do in your garden in December? Well, it depends on where you live!
Zone 9 and above can work on overwintering flowers and perennial veggies, harvesting crops that are still producing. 

Zone 8 and below is mostly just maintaining what you've got. Your fall and winter garden doesn't need a whole lot of input right now as most plants have gone dormant with the lower daylight hours. 

But no matter your zone, this is a great time to think ahead to next year and start planning. Here are some great questions to ask yourself: 

What will your seed starting schedule be?

What sort of garden planning and layouts do you need to create?

Will you try to extend the spring season with row covers or low tunnels? 

Do you need to build any new garden beds?

Do you need to buy any seeds, or take inventory of what you already have?

This is also a great time to start learning about something new in the gardening world. 

For me, it's JADAM, a natural, low-cost, Korean agriculture system that relies on making your own fertilizers and building soil health on-site. It uses cover crops, grass mulch, and certain bacteria to help. I'm still learning a lot, but I'll share how I'm implementing it in a future episode. 

As always, thanks for tuning into the show!

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