Episode 031: Gardening While Renting: 5 Tips To Make It Work

One of the biggest roadblocks to starting a garden is being a renter, which is why today I am happy to bring you the latest podcast episode that will hopefully convince you it's not only doable, but totally worth it. 

I the constraints of renting can be offputting, but this episode aims to break down those barriers and equip you with the tools to turn any rented space into a flourishing garden!

You'll learn all about making the most out of the space you have and turning any limitations into opportunities. I share cost-effective strategies, tips and experiences to help you convert your rented yard into a thriving garden.

Whether you have a spacious backyard or a small balcony, there's always a way to cultivate a garden. In this episode, I discuss everything from grow bag gardening on balconies to convincing your property manager to invest in your garden (seriously, it worked for me!)

We'll chat about worm composting – a budget-friendly composting system that's perfect for renters. We also talk about the art of camouflaging a food garden with ornamental plants and ensuring you leave your landlord satisfied by replanting grass when you move out.

And don't worry, if you're unsure about what you can take with you when you leave, I have you covered! I'll share the investments I found worth making and how to save money while creating your garden. 

This episode is packed with tips and tricks that are guaranteed to turn you into a pro gardener, regardless of your rental status.

Happy gardening!

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