Episode 027: Top 8 Kitchen Garden Herbs To Start From Seed (+3 To Buy As Seedlings)

Gear up for a thrilling journey into the world of culinary herbs! 

You'll walk away from this episode with a wealth of knowledge on how to cultivate your own flavor and pollinator powerhouse, from the warmth-loving basil to the cold-tolerant cilantro, and the surprisingly uncommon dill (even though it's so easy to grow!)

We'll also chat about other herbs such as chives, parsley, mint, bee balm, and borage, discussing the unique characteristics of each herb, providing tips on the best ways to plant, protect, and harvest them, while also exploring their vast varieties. 

So, pull up a chair, get comfortable, and let's journey together into the enchanting world of herbs!

P.S. As I was editing this, I realized I forgot to mention oregano. I would definitely include oregano on my list. It's not too difficult to grow from seed, though seedlings are easy to find in spring and summer. It loves full sun and regular water, and makes an excellent companion to any garden crop. it's low growing and spreads, blooming with purple or white flowers that pollinators love. 

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