Episode 020: What To Do In Your September Garden

I'm back with another episode to help you maximize your gardening joy and productivity. In this episode, I'm helping you know what to do in your garden this month of September. 
Here are the main points of this episode:

1. Maintaining your September garden:
Your summer garden might be winding down, but there's still plenty to do. From managing powdery mildew to (still) providing water for birds and bugs, we went through a comprehensive checklist to keep your garden thriving.

2. Fall gardening:
As the air gets crisper, it's time to explore the opportunities fall gardening offers. It's not too late to plant many cold-hardy and fast maturing crops. If you need ideas, jump back to this episode: 016: Why You Should Start A Fall Garden (Yes, In August).

3. Season extension:
Who says you can't garden in the winter? From using a basic low tunnel to thinking about what microgreens, herbs, or sprouts you can grow indoors, there's still something to grow in the dead of winter without investing in grow lights.

4. Organic gardening tips:
This is a crucial time for organic gardening. We talked about managing diseases like powdery mildew, providing water sources for our bird friends, and managing pests in your garden.

5. Planning for your indoor winter garden:
Start thinking about how you want to bring your garden indoors this winter. This can include growing sprouts, microgreens, forcing flower bulbs, and even growing culinary mushrooms. 

Remember, gardening is all about finding joy in nature. So take a moment to put your feet in the grass, your hands in the dirt, and enjoy your time in the garden.

Until next week, happy gardening!

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