Episode 017: Seed Starting And Planting Tips For Your Fall Garden

⬇️ Get your Fall Garden Planting Chart to know exactly when to start seeds for your next phase of the gardening year.

Welcome the fall gardening season! As summer draws to a close, it's time to transition your garden and start preparing for the autumn harvest. 

There are some big differences from spring garden starting, though, so today's episode will help you avoid a few mistakes that can leave you with dried out seed trays, wilted seedlings, or a killing frost taking your plants down before you've even harvested from them.

We'll chat about:

1. Understanding Seed Starting Timelines: Learn the secrets of when to start your seeds to maximize your fall garden's productivity.

2. Fall Frost Impact: We dive into the importance of understanding your first fall frost date and how it influences what crops you can grow.

3. Seed Germination Tips: Discover how to choose the right seeds for the season and learn how to maintain the perfect temperature and moisture for your seedlings.

4. Indoor Seed Starting: Explore the benefits of starting your seeds indoors and understand the varying timelines for different crops to mature.

5. Hardening Off and Transplanting Seedlings: Understand the crucial process of hardening off your seedlings before they are transplanted into the garden.

6. Mulching and Frost Protection: Learn about the importance of mulching your fall seedlings and how to set up frost protection for more protection.

Here's to keeping the season going strong and starting healthy seedlings even when it's 90 degrees outside!

If you need a garden planner to start recording how your season has been going, check out this one I created this spring. I love it for tracking my seed starting schedule, when I'm starting to get harvests, and any plant issues I come across throughout the summer:
Gardening Simplified Planner.

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