Episode 030: How Gardening Helped Me As A Military Spouse: A Veteran’s Day Bonus

Join me as I chat about the seemingly unrelated worlds of military life and gardening. 

In this special Veterans Day episode, I draw from my own experiences as a military spouse, sharing how gardening became my source of joy, connection, and grounding during my husband's service in the US Marine Corps. 

Listen in as I explain why it's worth cultivating a garden, even when you know you'll have to leave it behind for new duty stations. 

Discover how gardening can provide a routine, offer a chance to interact with your neighbors, and serve as an empowering project to tackle post-PCS.

In the second part of the episode, I explore the realities of being a mobile gardener. Get tips on adapting your green thumb to new climates, trading plants for services, and preparing to leave your garden behind. 

Learn how to maximize the time you have with your garden and embrace the skills you gain along the way, because gardening is a skill that travels with you, no matter what. 

Whether you're living on a base or renting a house in town, I'm here to help you cultivate a sense of home wherever you are.

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