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Introducing your cheat code, a bundle of Garden Layout Templates to help you put companion planting to work in your garden. No more wondering what to plant where, how far apart to space things, or figuring out how to stretch the growing season.

With your Garden Layout Templates you’ll have:

  • 🌿 5 Sample Layouts for a 4×8 garden bed, container garden, and border garden bed
  • 📅 4-season overview of a small garden plot to know what to plant through the seasons
  • 📋 Pick and choose category lists to customize your layout: “tall vegetable, “vining flower,” “sprawling herb,” and more
  • 🌻 An intro guide and accompanying podcast episode to help you with the nuance of garden planning.

These layout templates are designed to make your garden year easier, more enjoyable, and more successful. It’s the perfect companion to your free Companion Planting Toolkit.

Upgrade your gardening game and get inspired for the upcoming season!

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