7 Best YouTube Channels To Inspire Cut Flower Gardeners

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This list is for you if you need some garden inspiration or entertainment! These seven channels run the gamut from zone 3 growing in Canada to a donation garden in Kentucky to a cottage garden in Sweden. Each channel has a distinct style and loads of information to share.

You’ll notice that many of these flower gardeners are also flower farmers. Flower farmers have lots of experience growing cut flowers and, as such, have valuable information to pass on. And who knows, maybe some of you aspire also to become flower farmers!

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1. Tonya, with the flowers (formerly FreshCutKY)

Tonya, with the flowers is a cut flower channel located in Kentucky, USA. Tonya grows her cut flowers to donate to her local community. She’d initially planned to start with donating freshly grown vegetables but found that wasn’t an option. Fortunately, she found an organization to help disperse her cut flowers instead. On her channel, Tonya takes the viewer along to learn how to grow specific flowers, demonstrates growing tips, and shares tours of her backyard cut flower garden.

Watch this video to learn more about her donation garden and get tips if you’re interested in doing the same.

2. Root Design Company

Roots Design Company is run by two sisters, Rosita and LaRonda, based in Ohio, USA. They share their tips about planning a cut flower garden, arranging flowers in what they call “redneck couture” style, and delightful tours through their cut flower garden. The sisters are floral designers and grow much of their own inventory for their design work.

One of my favorite videos on this channel follows LaRonda making a gorgeous arrangement with phlox, sage, zinnias, dahlias, and celosia. The setting and music are very relaxing and make for an excellent follow-along video.

3. Shifting Roots

Kristen of Shifting Roots focuses on showing folks how to garden successfully in cold climates. She lives in zone 3 in Canada, so she knows plenty about working with a short growing season. Kristen has vegetables and flowers in her backyard and sells some of her cut flowers. She hosts DIY bouquet events, pop-ups, and provides some bridal bouquets.

Kristen also shares information about becoming a flower farmer, such as in the video below. She describes starting with minimum start-up costs and space in case you’re interested in leveling up your cut flower growing to begin selling some blooms.

4. Sara’s Homestead and Flower Farm

Sara’s Homestead and Flower Farm is in Sweden and chronicles the creation of a small flower garden at her roadside cottage. She transformed a bare sloping yard from a grassy hill to a swath of beautiful flowers that garner attention and compliments from passers-by. She also grows vegetables and composts on-site, sharing tips about all her systems.

Especially inspiring to me is the video below, in which Sara shows how she started her cottage garden from scratch. From digging up sod to enjoying the beautiful blooms in the following seasons, Sara is an excellent example of what you can do with some hard work.

Update for 2022: Sara recently bought her village’s plant nursery and flower farm. I can’t wait to follow the journey, which you can check out in this video: I Bought the Local Nursery and Flower Farm.

5. Garden Answer

Laura of Garden Answer (and hubby Aaron) has a hugely popular channel that covers their family plant nursery and property. She grows just about everything under the sun, from landscape plants to vegetables to cut flowers. She shares gardening tips and techniques, creates stunning flower arrangements, and even home improvement projects around the property.

Laura takes you along the cut the flowers needed for her gorgeous arrangements, then shows the process and final product along the way. Check out this video to see a midsummer arrangement from her gardens.


6. Northlawn Flower Farm

Danielle of Northlawn Flower Farm grows in zone 6b on a beautifully landscaped half-acre. She gives loads of advice about integrating cut flowers into landscaping, rather than having separate beds for cutting. She sells flowers at her roadside stand and to florists and, of course, brings flowers into the house in beautiful arrangements.

Her garden tours are particularly relaxing as she highlights the pollinators throughout her garden to the background of soothing music.

7. Flower Hill Farm

Nicole of Flower Hill Farm in upstate New York is one of the best cut flower growers on YouTube. She has a quirky sense of humor, is honest and transparent about her successes and failures, and is just fun to watch. As her name suggests, she is a flower farmer and sells via bouquet subscriptions and bouquet bars on her front porch.

In this video, 20 Farming Facts, you can see Nicole’s personality shine as she shares her flower-farming perspective with a good dose of humor.

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