Hi, fellow gardener!

I’m Jessica Gaige: flower lover, green thumb, home cook, and houseplant killer (it’s the damndest thing), and I’m so happy to meet you here on Homegrown!

I’ve been gardening for more than 20 years, starting off by planting a 20-foot row of zucchini at 14 years old and not realizing the overload of produce I was about to experience.

Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot since then. These days, I’m more likely to plant a 20-foot row of zinnias and just one or two zucchini plants.

As a wife to a US Marine, mother of two dirt-loving kids, and dog-mama of two mutts, I understand the importance of creating a peaceful and beautiful home environment. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to truly appreciate the act of homekeeping and nurturing, whether that’s toward a bed of newly planting seedlings or my family.

My expertise in gardening has led me to pursue my dream of becoming a farmer-florist. I’m committed to providing my community with fresh, sustainably grown bouquets through the farmer’s market, bouquet subscriptions, and local events.

To further my knowledge and expertise, I recently completed a flower farming course from the highly respected Liza Mason Ziegler at The Gardener’s Workshop. With this knowledge, I’m excited to share tips and tricks with you, my readers, and help you grow your own beautiful gardens.

Join me on this journey as I progress from a backyard flower grower to a full-fledged cut flower farmer. Together, we can create beautiful and sustainable gardens that bring joy to our homes and communities.

If you have questions about my experience and expertise or just want to talk shop, be sure to email me at jessica@homegrownfoodandflowers or jump over to the contact page to send a message.


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