Welcome to Homegrown Food and Flowers!

This is a project started out of a love for gardening and making a home wherever you are. As a military wife, I often have to leave my garden behind and start over again somewhere new.

Each time I start a new garden, I learn something new about the plants I am growing and the space I am working with.

This has helped me learn the basics of gardening over and over again, which I hope to pass on to you with this blog.

No matter where I start my garden, I subscribe to certain practices that I believe make my environment a better place, and all the information on my blog will reflect that.

  • Organic growing methods
  • No-till soil preparation
  • Capitalizing on the benefits of companion planting
  • Fostering a balance between nature and backyard gardens
  • Including a variety of crops to provide both nutrition and beauty to daily life

The mission of Homegrown Food and Flowers is to help teach people how to garden, no matter where they are. Whether you have an acre of land or a window box, there is room to garden and grow your own food and flowers.